The Advantages of Buying A Used Truck Versus A New One

used ford trucks

A pickup truck is one of the most practical cars on the road today, and not only that, a pickup’s size and ruggedness also connotes safety. Inarguably, a pickup is one of the safest vehicles out there plying the roads. This is a long-standing debate, the new vs used. A lot of people will argue that new cars are more reliable and come with warranties. Others also argue that a used car will not cost you an arm and a leg to purchase. If you want to add to that practicality, consider buying a used truck. There are pros and cons but let us focus on the advantages, shall we.

A Cheaper Alternative

Trucks are on the more expensive side especially if you are looking for a powerful, full-sized version. Some used ford trucks are significantly cheaper than a new one. On average a used pickup will cost you 50% less than a brand new one depending on its age and condition. A general rule of thumb for the right age of a pickup is about 5-6 years old. However, it is different for trucks since they are built more ruggedly than other vehicles. A 10 -20-year-old truck, if properly maintained, can still work as good as new and do all that it is supposed to do.

Get A Certified Vehicle

There is an option nowadays that is getting more common because of its practicality. Buying CPO vehicles or Certified Pre-Owned. In general, what this means is that the vehicle in question has undergone a thorough inspection by the manufacturer or a respectable dealership that the car is roadworthy, has no undesirable history, and has not been flooded. These cars also carry an extended warranty which is about the only advantage new cars have over a used alternative.

used ford trucks

They would also have the other bells and whistles new car owners enjoy, such as roadside service, scheduled maintenance, a loaner car for when yours is being serviced. However, some used car dealerships have been known to slap CPO on all their cars even if some have not undergone any inspection at all. Insist on getting a list of what has been inspected and on any repairs that have been made.

Lower Insurance Premiums/Registration Fees

Buying a used car eliminates what is called GAP insurance. It covers the difference between what you paid for the new vehicle and what its depreciated value is. This is not necessary on used cars as the bulk of the depreciation has already occurred. In addition, you would also pay less on registration fees especially on the annual registration of the vehicles. Remember that the rate is highest on the first three years and then tapers off onwards.

More Durable Design

Reliability and durability are those two traits an owner wants in a pickup truck. Sad to say, durability has gone downhill on most vehicles due to some law or constraints on steel use. Those that are really durable are made of steel. The trucks now still have steel chassis but that’s it, even the truck bed is aluminum nowadays and if that isn’t affecting the structural integrity all is good.

In Conclusion

There are pros and cons to buying used pickup trucks, however, if you buy a CPO vehicle, you get away with almost the same amount of benefits a newer vehicle will have on a considerably less drain on your wallet.

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